Mind over Body

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Mind over Body

My last blog I talked about a training mind set. Now I want to focus on training your mind to tell the body what to do. I said it earlier in my last blog “If the mind does not mind then the body does not mind.” I live by this and I use it with everything I do now. Again YOU HAVE TO EMBRACE THE SUCK, you have to take it and mold it and harness that emotion and energy and turn it to get you through the shitty positions or situation you are stuck in.

 We have all been there, we have all been pushed to that physical limit where you feel you have to quit. This is where you develop that mental toughness and that urge to knuckle down and trudge through it. It is almost like a wall and if you let it it will stop you. You bring yourself to failure to the point at which your body is telling you STOP. BUT you can bust through that wall or limit little by little. Over time you become numb and muscle memory takes over and you continue on BUT YOU DO NOT QUIT. Again we bring ourselves to failure or you have to tap. IT’S OK!

  In failure is where we learn and it’s the fire that forges us and rebuilds us to make us stronger. This is another part to this equation. Sometimes you have to fail. Failure is the greatest teacher of all, it exposes our weakness and teaches us. Failure helps train the mind and the body. I’ll end it with this when you find yourself in that shitty situation and your body wants you to quit. Take a deep breath and exhale. Let your mind tell the body to don’t stop and push through.

Written By Coach George