BJJ Mindset


BJJ Mindset

The BJJ mindset is a tricky thing because everyone is hardwired differently. We learn and retain knowledge in different ways. Techniques are taught, the student then gets to practice and then on to the next. BOOM technique mastered right? NO I guess this is a good starting point. To me the mindset should be open and ready to receive BUT have the ability to mold the information and technique so one can retain AND use it effectively.

Part of the “mindset” I feel is the ability to train. Me I take advantage of every opportunity to get in and get the mat time. The mat time is your opportunity to think about the who, what, when, where and why. You get to put that technique to the test and find the way to make it work for your style and body type. The mat time allows you to get that VARIABLE of randomness with a live partner. I’ll use our school for example and my self. We only get 2 days of instruction and in that 2 days professor has to get techniques and info to me and it’s a lot. Yeah we build sparring in and some practice.

Two days is perfect for class BUT my mind needs more time to play SO we have the open mats. Like I said in the beginning, I’m hardwired differently and BJJ is my passion so I get in and take advantage of those open mat days. We need that time to work through the technique in an open environment. My mind can’t settle with BJJ only 2 days a week. The only way is to train at every opportunity you can get to embed those BJJ techniques.

Drilling is important and to reinforce those movements, we need to get it into our body’s muscle memory. What better way to promote technique to muscle memory than by sparring “live,” with both pressure and oxygen deficit. A lot of people hate the fast-paced drilling of legdrags, up downs and around the worlds for example. Why? Because it sucks BUT it sucks in a good way. Nothing in BJJ is easy and it is safe to say “the only easy day was yesterday”. You have to train your mind to train the body, if the mind doesn’t mind then the body doesn’t mind. Pushing through the discomfort to finish that drill for 30secs or 2mins. I’ll say it again you gotta learn to embrace the suck and breathe.

The ability to get into the right mindset during BJJ helps me relax and think under extreme stress. Your mind is the #1 weapon in your BJJ arsenal. It doesn’t end there training BJJ and development of that mindset helps you in everyday life, you learn how to handle stressful situations and work around it quick.  I’ll end it with this don’t allow yourself to settle, don’t allow your self to become a cookie cutter individual, train your mind to train your body and take the basic techniques we show and evolve them to you! Make it yours and have fun. This martial art isn’t a cut and dry one. It’s fluid and constantly evolving and you have to have your mind right to make your body evolve with it.


-Coach George