Silverdale’s Best Jiu Jitsu Gym

Come learn Jiu Jitsu with us in our Brand New 3,400 sqft facility in Silverdale! We’ve got a gorgeous and spacious facility to motivate you as you learn the core concepts and application in our classes with our vast knowledge base and Washington’s most talented Coaches.

What Makes Pacific Northwest Jiu Jitsu Different?

Pacific Northwest Jiu Jitsu is a big gym with a small time feel. We are a one stop shop to learn the most effective Jiu Jitsu in the area. You want to learn self defense? Great we have you covered! Want to compete in the sport of Jiu Jitsu? Great, we have you covered there too! We want to lead you into a more equipped and more disciplined version of your current self. Our gym is lead by highly educated, highly motivated, professional instructors that will give you the best knowledge around. We are the best at what we do, and we look forward to meeting you.

Alvin Martino

Head Coach

Coach Al is a Father and Husband that is into Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for personal growth. Al thinks Jiu Jitsu helps his students to explore and exercise their mental and physical strengths, while exposing weaknesses and forcing problem solving. “I love seeing others learn, and I love learning from others. I am energized when I see the light bulbs click on!” Coach Al comes to us by was of Okinawa, Japan and he strives to pass everything he has learned over the years.

Cody Smith

Owner/Head Coach

Cody Smith says his single biggest goal in life is to reach as many people as he can and help them change their lives. “Too many people in the world suffer from negativity and health problems,” he says. “I want to show any- and everyone that you can indeed enjoy life, live healthy, and be who you want to be.”

George Cronin Jr.


Coach George is both a Father and husband that believes that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the most humbling martial art. Jiu Jitsu teaches our students respect, discipline, and commitment. George enjoys seeing the growth and confidence from both our adults and kids. “If you commit to the training you will grow both mentally and physically. You are forced to gain mental strength and persevere under pressure.”

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